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Arrival, refreshments and exhibitor viewing


Welcome and introduction

SPEAKER: Pete Henshaw, Editor SecEd and Headteacher Update


KEYNOTE SESSION – PRIMARY & SECONDARY: What difference does it make? Evaluating the impact of your Pupil Premium work

SPEAKER: Owen Carter, Co-Founder & Managing Director, ImpactEd


WORKSHOP SESSION 1 (choose A, B, C or D):

A: PRIMARY: Wraparound community & parental engagement that boosts Pupil Premium outcomes

SPEAKER: Neil Nottingham, Executive Headteacher & CEO, Stranton Primary School & Stranton Academy Trust, Hartlepool

B: PRIMARY: Building learning skills: metacognition, resilience and perseverance

SPEAKER: Beth Hodgson, Reception Teacher & Emma Brownrigg, Pupil Premium and Inclusion Lead, Horton Grange Primary School

C: SECONDARY: Turning a desired Pupil Premium culture into a whole school strategy

SPEAKER: Matt Stevenson, Assistant Principal, Cromwell Community College, Cambridgeshire

D: SECONDARY: Engaging hard-to-reach parents with a creative curriculum

SPEAKER: David Nisbet, Head of School, James Calvert Spence College, Northumberland

11.30 - 12.00

Refreshments and exhibitor viewing 

12.00 - 12.55

WORKSHOP SESSION 2 (Choose A, B, C or D):

A: PRIMARY: Supporting Pupil Premium pupils with SEN: developing a whole-year Pupil Premium strategy

SPEAKER: Helen Frostick, National leader of Education & Headteacher, St Mary Magdalen's Catholic Primary School, London

B: PRIMARY: Attachment, trauma and self-regulation

SPEAKERS: Jill Wright, Deputy Headteacher & Marguerite Young, Inclusion Officer, Whitefield Primary School, Liverpool

C: SECONDARY: A range of successful and adaptable Pupil Premium initiatives 

SPEAKERS: Rachel Brailsford, Assistant Headteacher & Rachel Middleton-Lee, Deputy Headteacher, Allestree Woodlands School, Derby

D: SECONDARY: Raising aspirations for students living in areas of severe poverty

SPEAKERS: Debbie Law, Vice Principal & Rachel Weir, Teacher and Aspiring Leader, North Shore Academy, Stockton-on-Tees

12.55 - 13.45

Lunch and exhibitor viewing

13.45 - 14.40

WORKSHOP SESSION 3 (choose A, B, C or D):

A: PRIMARY: Transforming behaviour by empowering students with self-management skills

SPEAKER: Jackie Wilson, Founder, Empower Education and Emotions Toolkit

B: SECONDARY: Behaviour management and the Pupil Premium

SPEAKER: Matt Ward, Lead Teacher for Behaviour, Rushey Mead Academy, Leicester

C: SECONDARY: Cultural capital, enrichment and character in an area of hidden poverty

SPEAKER: Mike Williams, Assistant Headteacher and Pastoral Care, Archbishop Holgate's School, York

14.40 - 14.55

Refreshments and exhibitor viewing

14.55 - 15.50

WORKSHOP SESSION 4 (choose A, B or C):

A: PRIMARY & SECONDARY: Practical advice for supporting vulnerable and looked after children

SPEAKER: Darren Martindale, Service Manager: Vulenrable Learners, City of Wolverhampton Council

B: PRIMARY & SECONDARY: Supporting the social, emotional and mental health needs of Pupil Premium children

SPEAKERS: Sarah Barlow, Head of Lower School & Kelly-Ann Jones, Lead Practitioner, Adelaide School, Crewe

C: SECONDARY: Mind the Gap: practical classroom strategies for addressing gaps in knowledge

SPEAKER: Sara Trickey, Pupil Premium Lead, Lea Manor High School, Luton


Close of conference